I am fascinated and hope you will find the time to write it up. Lastly, you come across as pretty rude to me. It’s shrouded in secrecy and nobody likes to talk about this but I think it’s similar to entering a gang, you need to prove yourself. I would be careful about your personal association I mean can you write in a way that isn’t linked to you , I hope you can do so anonymously. Took it to buy trucks and other machinery and sent it to Ghana and set up a profitable leasing service in Tema, the main harbour.

419ers i come from the north

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So a piece of advice in return, think for a moment about they way you write about my writing having “issues” or what is or is not “needed”, and it’ll be fine.

419ers i come from the north

So the money goes back to the West North, really again. The thing is, you will see young men the big boys, usually, around 30 perhaps with extremely luxurious cars.

They will perform various rituals to earn magic, money attracting powers. Even young men will have bags of cash. I just want to remind you that it is you who are worried about my credibility, not me.

In an area with people living in shacks you will see someone roll up in a Bentley, even. It’s you asking for more: Regarding magic, to me it’s not so much about whether magic exists but what it is.

He could have been 17 last time I was there almost three years ago. This is much harder to know about because nobody will talk about it. So I really look forward to reading more whenever you write it up.


419ers i come from the north

But it’s like qb45 says, just google it. Couldn’t you make a longer version? Same thing which also happens in secret societies. Lastly, you come across as pretty rude to me. There are Sakawa girls too, who will romance you and steal your card.

It’s not a big deal. He turned out to start working with them instead, a couple of months later he had a mansion and three luxury cars.

ers I Come From The North!

It’s hard to know what’s real and how the whole thing works, but young men around 20 often unemployed, poor and lusting for a western lifestyle, status and respect will go to a witch doctor to get magical powers. There are people walking around naked after being given drugs.

I doubt most of the con artists have a good idea of what happens to their clients though, or that they think about it much. Look anywhere in the world outside of modern urban areas and you will find people who have experienced it first hand.

Thanks again, I’ll write something up when I get some inspiration and peace and quiet. Seriously if you think OP’s account is, business as usual, well – you and I live in different worlds, or you’ve seen a 419er more of the seedy underbelly of criminal organizations than I have!

After that, it’s just the sunk costs fallacy, or “sending good money after bad”. But in real life it works, and the only truly empirical thing to do is to try it for yourself, in the context of your own life, and see how real it can be. It’s interesting because it’s first-person.


I agree that it’s more honest to be an illusionist than a witch doctor, but there are powerful magicians out there today, take Trump for instance, he’s got the whole world enthralled. Sure, it’s trickery, originally I guess it borth what we would call technology, only wider, technology and nortth perhaps. It can’t be tested in a controlled environment anymore than you can study primate mating habits in an environment devoid of oxygen.

Many victims turn mad, happened to a friend’s uncle who got hooked way back when they sent faxes.

419ers i come from the north

Just be clear that what you’ve shared with us just now already sounds like a comic book!! These witch doctors wield considerable power and are a huge problem in parts of West Africa. I’ve become acquainted with a few ers Nigerian during trips to Ghana not comme big boys, who are without fail sleaze bags, but the grunts, some of whom are very nice in person and have done quite some research on how they and the scams work.

I went to Nigeria to meet a man who scammed me I’ve become acquainted with a few ers Nigerian during trips to Ghana not the big boys, who are without fail sleaze crom, but the frrom, some of whom are very nice in person and have done quite some research on how they and the scams work. It’s a crazy world.