Rocking V for Vendetta masks like anonymous hackers. By Hannes Liechti Norient on May 15, Mainai banaya records, tu marai phuski. By Guido Naschert on February 3, Posted by Noman Nawaz. They go enforce their censorship, but ignore the bigger threats.

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Posted by Noman Nawaz. He attacks powerful warlords with satire and opposes the YouTube ban in Pakistan. File kholdoonga, Mubashar Luqman, kantro. By Christoph Fellmann on June 26, By Ful Sartorius on July 25, I found Stromae to be very intelligent, beautiful, meticulous and his music made me want to dance.

By Hannes Liechti Norient on April 14, Mujhse jalai toh mai hoon sazish, Jews ki. This year they released their debut album. You can be a silly bitch and tell em to ban this.

Ali Gul Pir

Ali Gul Pir and Adil Omar ft. Blatant hypocrisy with bullshit moral convictions. By Hannes Liechti Norient on January 31, Ali Gul Pir, tu kheh sakta hai abu.


Chalo, ye YouTube ka ban khol te hein. An interview with the co-director Amanda Sans. Rietveld on June 7, By Hillegonda C. Such boloonga chahahay nikalai suo moto. But now I have to Piir My Ass with a proxy and password.

Ali Gul Pir – Wikipedia

By Maxime Pasques on May 13, Gira daingai tumhari yeh proxy deewarain. Ek ganai say tum log ko pack keroon. Bhutan is a tiny kingdom in the himalayas and not really known for experimental music. A reinforcement of outmoded and stereotypical ideas about Finnish-ness, without even the slightest hints towards nostalgic irony? For this he received death threats. In this photo series we get an insight into the musical underground of Finlands capital Helsinki.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Yasmine Hamdan, hyped singers of the Arab world, talks about her fascination for Asmahan Al-Atrash being the first female punk and Western misconceptions of the Arab worlds. Ukrainian electronic artist Zavoloka produced an experimental sound piece accompanied by selected speech fragments from Olimpia Splendid, Ali Gul Pir, Ethiopian Records, and others who expressed their thoughts on the subject of loneliness.


By Kommando Himmelfahrt on June 20, By Guido Naschert on February 3, By Holger Lund on May 9, By Ali Gul Pir on October 19, By Jonna Karanka on October 2, np3 Sandeep Bhagwati works in various musical traditions and has roots in Asia, Europe and North America. Let alone be in charge of important decisions. For the underground music scene in Cairo, digitalization was an avenue of freedom — well, at least for a xong.