Collect another chip, then move back into the teleport force field and collect the two sets of chips within the blue walls. Tile World makes it very easy for you to use an alternate tileset — it just requires changing a line in the rc file see the documentation. Your time will be if you got every boost correct. Continue RD, hit this button, then the green, blue, green, blue, and finally green twice. This player remade the first 40 Levels.


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On the contrary, I have found CCLP1 to be quite fun and engaging, and even—dare i say it-challenging. In addition, there are bugs circling, but these can be taken care of quickly: This allows you to teleport to the center of the level, where blocks 10 and 11 are forced. This northeast section is now done, so go back to the center top area cclp now turn right.

Tile World Cclp2

Finally, open the second blue lock, and take the circle of chips without running into the walker. Push block 13 2D, then move U and run to the left to collect again. Play 2R over this island to remove islands 12 and 13, then move UR on island 10 and DRD on island 14 to finish with 14 and Step 5R D, and because of the ice square, you can step off the second force floor and get the suction boots from behind without picking up the chips. When you are done collecting the chips, go to the socket above you, which debugs the exit beneath you.



Lesson 1 from the original set. Start by moving to the yellow key in the map, then walk all the way to the start again, and duck under the start to open the yellow lock and reach the blue key.

Try the tile-world package from AUR. Oh, back in Windows 3 cxlp2 all file names were in capital letters? However, for CCLP2, the bust was reintroduced. Any fewer means you getbut all six will not get a Level Editors These programs allow you to create custom levels. Will not work with any other levelset. Archived Google Code page for Chip World. Climb up the ladder, noting the pattern, to collect a blue key, and at the top, [1] and proceed down the ladder to collect the remaining keys.


Tile World supports custom levelsets out of the box. Running Debian or Ubuntu? Take the first four islands, then move ULU on the fifth to reach island 6 quicker than if Chip collected all four chips ccll2. To use this, move block 1 through the opening and under block 3, allowing Chip to bridge to the exit.

Now, go back towards the yellow key again, but detour through the blue lock instead, and now continue north and across the right side to reach the green key, which allows you to unlock all of the chips when you encounter them.


Keep backing up and open the red lock, then collect the three chips seen in order, and then turn back out and move to the north, where there is one more chip near a thin wall. You score double ccpl2, or seconds.


There are two ways out, each through one of the central corridors. Wiki page Latest version: Ideally, the best route is LD 4L 2D, but you may have to change it around slightly to get there, or wait [1] or even [2] if using odd step, as the blobs will cause havoc often.

You’ll need some fancy footwork You don’t need the suction boots because the force floor is pointed at the blocked side of an ice corner, allowing Chip to override it.

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To offset this, we could separate the LX from the rest of it by a dash or a period. It has a pretty awesome looking though small tileset. Go To Topic Listing. You can push several ice blocks at once; they turn fire into water and water into ice; they also remove dirt and can be pushed by tanks and teeth.