By the end of high school, after having written commentaries for much of English class, I understood for the most part what an English major does. The fourth and last line finishes in the middle with “modoritai”. Based on the concept of “A future as imagined by those people who live within each era”, this album takes the listener through an amazing journey of a future as imagined in music and song. Hatsune Miku Winter Cleaning feat. Part of the reason I’m writing this is because for a large part of when I was in High School sitting through the IB, I had always wondered what a person who loves music does when they go to study music academically, similarly for someone who loves and goes to study English. Along with help from designer hie and illustrator Sanso, the visuals have been richly enhanced — plus, this project sees him collaborating with female vocalists ef and lasah online. Miku Hatsune Ai think so, feat.

fakery tale hatsune miku

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Waltz of Knives -Album ver. Synthetic Flower Laboratory Debut Album The digital voices of vocaloids accompany the sound of his acoustic instrument playing Hatsune Miku Spider Thread Monopoly feat.

A life where both the present the verses and the past reminisced in the chorus are both filled with pain, notably both in the same minor key. The conclusion of the fairy tale of love that it should have been, turns out to be a fakery tale. GINGA is… Our chief purpose is to sublimate artists flourishing on internet, mainly at Nico Nico Douga, onto broader field, and consequently challenge new horizon of music as an intelligent musical crew.


The dakery begins with what I think is three synths the highest string-like one playing on the offbeat, mid-high range one carrying the melody, a bass one bringing the harmony and guitar chord storming with some drumming; all the instruments and vocals are now on the same uniform rhythm unlike every other part in the song and really makes this section dynamic and moving.

This melodic operatic part of dakery chorus represents all mikuu shared memories as Miku reminisces; so sweet, yet so torturous–the yesterday that she’s trapped in. This mirrors what the song is doing in two ways: In mikku lyrical variation, “aou” replaces the “nakechauna” and “oyasumi” replaces “modoritai no”.

Now, millstones’ long awaited debut album is here! Moku Hatsune AI think so, feat. Hatsune Miku Lonely Shit feat. Posted by Aryailia at Rin Kagamine Lost and Found feat. I personally feel that this song is about a love that is impossible to be fulfilled, yet in spite of that the singer desperately wants to return to when they were together; it’s rending at both their hearts.

Hatsune Miku” went on to be made into a MMD PV by noted video creator Masataka P, and the superb musicality and perfect video accompaniment has drawn attention overseas. There, he performed live together with artists Momoiro Clover Z and Naohiro Ukawa under the banner “sasakure.

fakery tale on Tumblr

So much can be said about the percussion, the harmony in reference to specific relative chords, actual specifics in regards hatsjne the melody, and doing more of a poetry-esque commentary on the lyrics, however this post would stretch far beyond the length it already is. Hatsune Miku Antibeat feat.


fakery tale hatsune miku

PinocchioP PinocchioP began his career in when mik first uploaded his original Vocaloid productions onto one particular internet video sharing site. Yumeyume Yumeyume Instrumental Yumeyume sasakure. I apologize beforehand for any musical mistakes I made, I’m by no means have perfect pitch so I tried my best. Do not miss this new talent! Miku Hatsune Yume Yume feat.

DECO*27 – Fakery Tale feat. Hatsune Miku / 音偽バナシ feat.初音ミク – video dailymotion

These songs began to reach an audience far and wide via various video-sharing websites available online, and sasakure. Hatsune Miku Anti Beat feat.

fakery tale hatsune miku

Newer Post Older Post Home. UK continued to generate massive buzz and a following throughout the internet world.

fakery tale hatsune miku

The song then uses “koboshita” and the use of inversion placing the subjects at the end of the sentence shift the focus from the beginning of the line to mkku middle.

Miku Hatsune Chocolat Beats feat. UK’s quite sizable European fan-base. Miku Hatsune Dummy Dummy feat. Various collaborations of the best Vocaloid producers featuring Hatsune Miku.

DECO 27 Fakery Tale Feat. Hatsune Miku 音偽バナシ Feat.初音ミク

His cynical lyrical sensibility and attention-grabbing wordplay, never fails to bring an easy smile or smirk! Hatsune Miku Delusion Tax feat. And he continued to share his new musical productions, while also actively producing his own live broadcast programs, gaining fans all over Japan.