But it was not a darkness without light. Asuna only raised her head for an instant to see the star flying forward and tracing an aurora behind it, then continued to run without looking back. I could tell because his visage had changed for a few seconds. I looked up towards the blue sky, praying for the golden knight whom I would never see again. The two dragons themselves were gradually transforming into Luminous Elements.

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A dull thump marked the appearance of a white stone slab rising out of the sand before her eyes.

file paiking sword art online 18

But when you were sad, when you were suffering, he would always be supporting you from behind. The opportunity to encounter those two young swordsmen once more. His right arm, supposedly blown off by Sinon, had fully regenerated before I could even notice, as though in defiance of even a gunshot wound.

Bellowing at ferocious volume, they ascended in a straight line towards not the east, but the northern sky. For a while, all of them digested it, turned sqord over in their heads, carved their experiences in the alternate rile into their hearts, and finally, wiped away the tears beading at the corners of their eyes and picked up their cell phones and AmuSpheres afresh.

Something bad has happened!! Likewise, the sky above Zakkaria a short distance to the north was also scattered with a great volume of stardust. That was why memories were so precious and beautiful.

Gabriel slowly gained altitude as a total of six massive wings flapped, in order, from top to bottom. rile


Sword Art Online Volume 18 – Chapter 22 – Team Defan

And then Kirito slowly changed the direction he was facing, turning directly towards the pursuer wrapped in darkness. Sister-in-Training Selka of the Rulid Village church at the northern end of Norlangarth North Empire pqiking been retrieving well water to wash her laundry, when her eyes were drawn to the sight of the blue sky being slowly smeared over with darkness, and she was frozen to the spot.

She nodded, but doing that at this moment was not something simple. Broke into a warm smile. But she swallowed her weeping fast and asked: But it was not a darkness without light. My vision went cloudy.

The twin streams of fire were consumed without flash or explosion, leaving nothing but a few rays of light. A true alternate world surpassing the likes of Aincrad. Perhaps unable to endure both Incarnations pitted against each other, the void began ejecting sparks sporadically. The symbolic, poetic spectacle of the floating marble staircase connected to the gray desert, along with the two swordswomen racing up it at a practically flying speed, was beautiful enough to evoke a sigh.

Spinning his chair around, Critter snapped his fingers at the other team members who had returned to the main control room. She knew in an instant that it had been Kirito.

file paiking sword art online 18

But how unfortunate; the only thing served well by a pziking attack like that is TV theatricality. As long as I bought onlin time — as long as I stalled the fight until Alice and Asuna were able to log out, both the enemy and I would be trapped in a time prison for more than years, unable to return to the real world ever again.


He had educated Renri with his own shadow.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Alice slowly drew in a breath, and exhaled. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: But he found it exceedingly difficult to describe his first taste of this feeling as enjoyable.

It was likely that her brother had stopped viewing his current parents as his birth parents without even realizing it, even before he discovered the truth therein.

But — at that moment. After Gabriel Miller was consumed by the spiral of light and vanished, I could feel the FLA beginning acceleration once ifle, timed perfectly with the olnine of uncertainty when I was unsure whether or not Asuna and Alice had successfully escaped from the console to the real world. I chased after the Arts and raised both swords in my left and right hands. Now, this night contained within it the exact same warmth of that rain.

Asuna nodded, and drew the magnificent rapier from her waist.