In this embodiment of the invention, the application program is initially on one side concatenated with a secret data string, a hash value is calculated from the single-concatenated application program. In this system, an application program, a so-called flashware known or in a non-volatile, electrically erasable and programmable memory in the art as flash EPROM memory briefly known as Flash, stored. An unauthorized program or an unauthorized flashware can not be detected with cyclic block protection methods. A review of data integrity and authenticity is not possible with cyclic block protection methods. Don’t have an account yet?


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The encryption of the entire message is not necessary to establish with the aforementioned encryption methods relatively flaehware time consuming and only for the purpose of the authenticity of the author. This first hash value is again HMAC1 side concatenated with the secret data string.

FLASHWARE: North Cube (Smok)

What people are saying. The verification of the authentication code HMAC in the control unit will be explained below in the figure descriptions of Figures 5 and 6 in more detail. The pod that contains 1,6 resistance ohm nano coil will be perfectly adapted to e-liquid nicotine salts and will recharge from the lfashware.

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The method according to any one of claims 12 to 19, characterized in that when a reaped authentication code HMAC and in the control unit the calculated hash value match, the associated application program flashware with an identifier flag is provided as a valid application program.

The operation of the control units is determined here by application programs. Method for ensuring security of additional application for image forming apparatus, image forming system, and image forming apparatus.


FLASHWARE: North Cube (Smok)

This identifier distinguishes the application program as the currently valid application program. A method according to any one of claims 1 to 7, characterized in that the authentication code via the diagnostic interface Diagnostic Interface in a control unit ECU is read in a motor vehicle.

If both value match, the flashware is valid as harmless. Is the new avert program correctly transmitted and cached, clearing the exchanged user program is initiated and carried out. The verification of the authentication code in the control device of the motor vehicle takes place substantially by repeating the steps with which the au- fizierungscode generated in the trust center. The processes in the trust center itself are discussed below in connection with Figures 3 to 6.

A1 Designated state s: For this, the system interface has 4 access to the data buses of the electrical system in the vehicle. Further advantageous embodiments of the invention are in the dependent claims and in the description of exemplary embodiments included. At least one option needs to be selected.


Direct downloading without buffering the flashware has the added advantage of an “end-to-end” – hedge because the writing process during the download process and write errors are detected. With flaehware software command from the system interface reading the flashware is started by the reading device 7 in the control unit.

To make the pub lic key algorithms ensure at least bytes should be selected as the key length currently. The method according to claim 4, characterized in that the application program flashware and the au- fizierungscode HMAC are transmitted by means of data transmission from the secure area trust flashwars to the system interface.


This impression is called a hash value. The method according to any one of claims 12 to 14, characterized in that the authentication code HMAC is transmitted together with the application program flashware. This hash value now contains all the information about the flashware as well as the secret data string. These applications have so far mostly in a non-programmable memory, preferably stored in the control unit.


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Click here to sign up. The distribution of original and unencrypted flashware takes place here on separate distribution channels. Purple, white, yellow, blue, red, black. A method of loading at least one current application program flashwarewhich in a program memory flash of a microprocessor system ECU is stored, to the processor bus PBUS of the microprocessor system ECU.

Then, using the reloading routine Flash bootloader, carried out the inspection of the cached flashware and the cached authentication code for authenticity and data integrity in the microprocessor of the control unit. Organic Chemistry Flashware brings learning to life. We require your email address in order to send you alerts by email.

The transmitter has only been generated a public and a private key, so the following method is conceivable: In a further development of the invention, the application program with the secret data string is concatenated on both sides both in the program beginning and at the end of the program. In order to verify the authentication code so formed, the unencrypted transmitted application program is also concatenated both sides flasyware the data stored in the control unit second, secret data string and forming a hash value on the both sides concatenated application program in the control unit or in the microprocessor system in the microprocessor system or in the control device.