Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. Just install and play. Okey, i will do the lotr. Posted 08 August – Autodefeat in 5 min was a horrible stuff by EA Games to push people using a legit copy of the game, however this shit bug could happen even if you have the legit copy.

forshire bfme2

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Mordor can now build walls and the radius that you can build from fortress has been increased.

How can I change language in BFME 2?

If you have custom hotkeys or higher zoom for 1. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. I have the original disk, and funny enough, I decided bfmd2 download this Special Edition two 3 days ago.

Do you think it is possible?

Many of forzhire favorite models now also come with appearance variations, such as Eagle’s, Mountain Giant’s, Drakes, Knights, Dragons and more. New music is beautiful. Also you dont need to crack your game. This post has been edited by Ghost0: Posted 07 August – Random and Upgrade Textures.


The Battle for Middle-Earth I & II & Rotwk Online Players: Download BFME II

This post has been edited by Antahrg: Also i have added TOP Replays based by most download and wubs over gamereplays. I’ve forgotten my password. Hi All, Patch 1. And finally, it does have skirmish play IMG: This game was created in and supports up to x maximum of screen resolution.

A network error occured during the download of the files. It has all the tutorials. In future, the switcher will have a check for updates feature which will make things like this a lot easier. So I really think you should download it. And if you’re experiencing difficulties downloading it, it’s natural. It actually only works with the 2d link.

The Battle for Middle-Earth I & II & Rotwk Online Players: Download BFME

I am very sorry for the inconvienence, but if everyone spreads the word that this is now available everyone should be on the same page within a few days. I read about Bfme2 version in Forshire that is better than the original one without gfme2 and with reduced space and better music The game comes with the latest patch 1.


Certain units like Mumakil also get new textures as they progressively gain rank. Thank you very much!! Apr 11 Online Edition’s installer creates needed files automatically.

forshire bfme2

I’ve been meaning to download this Edition for a while now actually. Just like old days: Its fixed for good!

Is there something like this, o some way to change the gametext into Spanish? We recommend downloading using the desktop client, see the Forshure.

forshire bfme2

I will tell you if it works. I dont know the solution u tried to disable the antivirus?

forshire bfme2