Wait for a few seconds to see if the Course Manager advances the to the Registration Screen. Oh, and the device is waterproof! Page of 38 Go. Electronic flight instrument for non-certified aircraft 94 pages. Getting Started Box Contents Before getting started, please check your box to familiarize yourself with the contents: Press the Page Button again to return to the main golf course screens to play golf. Fill out the small amount of information and our professional mapping team will take care of the rest.

golflogix garmin

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Gollflogix you golflgoix this menu you can email GolfLogix Support. You will see each selected course show up in your loading area on the right side of the screen.

The Help Sections contains three sub-sections: Value, of course, is garin than just the raw cost of the device — it factors in the features and functionality that the device provides. Upgrading Your Golflogix Software If the software update includes an update to the GPS unit itself you will be notified when you attempt to load courses.

One glaring omission for the GolfLogix GPS-8 is that is does not display the hole number on the target view screens the hole number is displayed on the green view.

The ability to load up to 20 courses on the device is useful for anyone going on an extended golf trip. We always make it our top priority to map the requested courses from our loyal customers and most course requests can be completed by our professional mapping team in just a few days. Our application will golfoogix each shot you hit with the simple press of a button.



In terms of features, the device is one of the most basic and stripped-down devices we tested — the positive spin is that it could not be any more simple and straightforward to use. You will need to have your GolfLogix GPS powered ON and plugged into your computer to complete the registration and activation process when using the device for the first time.

Don’t have an account? Course Availability Critical Golf Test: GolfLogix even recognizes what course you are playing and can display the distance of your last shot! Just remember to toss a couple of extra batteries into your bag …just in case.

golflogix garmin

Maybe we are just paranoid, but when we were off of the fairway, we would worry that the device would think we were on the hole coming back the other direction, and show us hazards for the wrong hole. My golf scores have improved because now I don’t hit the longest club to try and reach a green that I am not capable of, I hit less club to lay up to my stength.

Our course mapping technology is highly efficient and designed to address the worldwide golf community. This must be done outdoors with a clear view of the sky.

Today’s Golfer

If you are playing a course where the par information differs from what we have posted, you have the ability to change it. Login to website and download courses you want to store.


golflogix garmin

Large easy-to-read screen, waterproof casing and shock resistant to cope with the rigours of playing a round in the real garrmin. Before your courses load the GPS Unit will automatically install the newest update. Easy to use the shot-distance measuring function. All GolfLogix products are designed so our Member golfers are never required to push any buttons during their round of golf. You may also like.

golflogix garmin

Wait for a few seconds to see if the Course Manager advances the to the Registration Screen. Garmin”Golf Logix” It will help lower your score Clear display, easy go,flogix load and use, precise and accurate distances to green, sand traps or water hazzards shown every time.

You can see all available maps by clicking the following link to access our course search tool. Because you will only play one golf course map at a time, typically the most memory you would utilize is about 3MB. Our on-course testing also found the device to be generally reliable with respect to mapping accuracy.

This manual is also suitable for: An updated version of the course will For each movement, the code allows you to auto-scroll to the hole.

Three-Year Total Cost of Ownership: