They are joined by Haruto, Shunpei and Rinko, and Nito gets desolated when he learns from Haruto that a Phantom is born at the expense of the Gate’s existence, as despite his will to keep living, he does not want to do so by taking the lives of others. Haruto keeps watching Tatsuro close as he engages in several part-time jobs before stopping to rest as he watches over an orphanage. Of the fated 13, only 1 will Survive. After having a nightmare about Phoenix killing Hiroki’s parents and the boy’s Phantom manifesting, Haruto awakens to find the former alive and well while Hiroki blames himself for their condition. When rookie Detective Rinko Daimon and the police are outmatched by the Ghouls and their leader Minotauros, a youth named Haruto Soma arrives at the scene. As a Ghoul corners him against a tree, he closes his eyes and points his finger at it, suddenly casting a weak flame-throwing spell before Haruto arrives at the scene. Enraged by Nito’s interference, Fueki is about to kill him when Haruto appears to confront the White Wizard.

kamen rider wizard animetekno

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Averted amigo in that he is able to call out the name of a si to cast it. When both are informed that Naoki is missing, they get to the place where his father died, where he is attacked again by Gargoyle. After the competition, Takagi tells Haruto that he lost once again, but he has decided to wizarrd on by moving overseas and starting over with his career.

Haruto Souma pas magic pas to voyage into a Kamen rider wizard animetekno Ne Wizard, and pas against Pas. Kamen Rider television series Fiction about magic Japanese rdier series debuts Japanese television series endings Kamen Rider Wizard TV Asahi shows Japanese supernatural television series Japanese horror fiction television series Japanese fantasy television series.

Upon knowing of Phoenix’s defeat, Medusa now finds herself alone to do Wiseman’s bidding, until Sora, who reveals himself as the Phantom Gremlin, appears to offer his help to her.


kamen rider wizard animetekno

When Rinko approaches them, Gremlin flees without further explanations and soon after, Rinko is aniimetekno that Kizaki has finally awakened from his coma. He consumes the Phantom’s magical essence while Gremlin watches from afar.

Kamen Rider Wizard – Wikipedia

When Haruto asks how he became a wizard, Nito reveals that he was in college when he found a secret chamber in old ruins where he finds a seal. The Beginning of the Sabbath [ edit ]. However, watching the fight from afar, Sora intervenes to protect Chiaki before getting knocked into the lake. Meanwhile, at a park, Rinko explains to Amino that she became a detective because her father was a policeman himself.

List of Kamen Rider Wizard episodes – Wikipedia

The next day at the doughnut shop, with Rinko being run ragged lamen a series of coma victims, Haruto and Shunpei noticed a youth named Kenta trying to cheer his younger sister Shiori.

Within his Underworld, Nito meets Beast Chimera who reveals the other sealed artifact would manifest his power in the physical world but believes Nito lacks the ability to use it. Elsewhere, Haruto defeats some Ghouls attacking some people, but fails to figure out which of them could be a Gate.

The next morning, Wajima is sleeping after working to complete the new ring and Golem, believing that it is made for Haruto’s kameb, takes it away.

kamen rider wizard animetekno

Elsewhere, with four Phantoms killed off since Wizard’s appearance, Phoenix takes Gnome’s failure personal as he loses it. Suddenly, a young man turns around and wzard beckoned by the cries.

Kamen rider wizard animetekno

Another Wizard [ edit ]. Some time later, Yuzuru rejects Mayu’s offer to become a wizard and after she leaves, Haruto is called by a distraught Rinko. We have seen a lot riders As Nito tries to get Rinko to bail him out of jail as she would rather leave him in jail for a while as she investigates the student, Haruto and Shunpei pose as students to follow the girl and learned her name to be Mayu Inamori from the three girls Medusa attacked earlier. Leaving Shunpei to make his delivery to a regular, Tetsuya is attacked by the Phantom Valkyrie before Haruto arrives and becomes Kamen Rider Wizard to fight Valkyrie before the Phantom fall back.


kamen rider wizard animetekno

Share this Animeyekno Title: Kumagai then decides to destroy the toy plane, claiming that his true hope comes from his memories of his late son and his desire to help others. Battling Wizard so he can escape his execution, Lizardman holds Chizuru hostage being attacked by Medusa who reveals the girl to be a Gate.

Edit Details Official Sites: List of Kamen Rider Wizard characters. Even Shunpei shoves her aside in an occasion after offering to be her friend, with Haruto realizing that everyone she has ties with is under Beelzebub’s control.

As Phoenix goes on a rampage around the city, Nito attacks him once more, but is stopped by a group of Ghouls. The novel was released on November 1, Kenta then reveals that he was learning magic tricks to cheer up his sister who wizadr about to undergo a surgery, and claims that to them, Haruto’s kindness was more important than his magic.

Kamen Rider Wizard

Xx 1 Hard Xx Indonesia [by: Despair [ edit ] 37 “Wanted: Meanwhile, Medusa reports to Wiseman about Gremlin’s betrayal as elsewhere Mayu is distraught upon failing to defeat her. Meanwhile, as Rinko is informed by her boss that Kizaki asked him for her to be transferred to Section Zero, Nito finds Mayu and informs her that Yuzuru has been kidnapped by ajimetekno White Wizard, but she claims that despite wanting to help Nito find the boy, she does not know where he could have taken him.

The fight scenes are completely awesome, even if you have seen other Kamen Riders before this one