Khergit horsemen and lancers should make short work of most infantry. Jan 19, 7: Kommandir View Profile View Posts. Your cavalry should charge if the enemy is lighter armoured, but against knights do not send in tribesmen. However, in Warband, Lancers have been significantly buffed. To the contrary, I’m set to roll over their entire faction. Also cavalry are more expensive to maintain.

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Khergit Hordes early release 2. Keep me logged in on this device. They are still Khergit abominations, after all. Even their most heavily armored units, even their nobles themselves, aren’t adequately armored to hold or wage a siege. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Join the mod Discord server- Discord. I have special places for them in dungeons. Khergits leave the womb not because they want to live but because they fear it might conquer them. Though not as skilled as Vaegir Marksmen, and with their accuracy lowered while on a moving horse, a group of Veteran Horse Archers is great for harassing enemy forces.

Welcome to Khergit Hordes, a modification to Native Expansion mod, experience the Khergit Khanate in a different way, changing all factions into a Khergit like factions, making 6 Hordes. Even when you’re winning against them, these miserable centaurs drag out every last battle. Just make sure you don’t tell them to charge and get separated.

They are born riding little ponies, and instinctively flee from their mothers while pelting them with adorable javelins.


That’s why they die by the truckload in sieges. Deprived of its ability to run away, it just gets squashed by any real troop.

Aug 30, This makes them fast both on the world map and on the battlefield, allowing them a lot of control over their enemies. I like the ideas implemented, the troop trees and whatnot I haven’t gotten to the invasion thing just yet.

Khergit Elite Armor image – Kingdom mod for Mount & Blade: Warband

I you insist on using polearms, you will probably need different ones for different situations – one for close range dismounted combat, one for lancing or thrusting on horseback, one for slashing on horseback, and one for foot combat when you have room to maneuver.

Maybe you should try and make a Sarranid controlled Calradia mod. If I can’t find a way to break them down to or less, I just wait for them to try to siege some of the land I’ve taken. The only way a Khergit can secure its pathetic existence is by running away throughout its entire lifespan, just constantly speeding away from you khergif pelting you with tiny arrows and javelins.

Regarding the Khergits :: Mount & Blade: Warband General Discussions

The Khergit Lancer has good armor, and tasks itself with the noble act of charging and skewering your agmor men. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

The Khergits are a cavalry-focused faction, with no dedicated unmounted units. I need to articulate just how much I hate these absolute wastes of space. Their cavalry focus makes them very powerful in open battles, but they are at a severe disadvantage on either side of a siege.


Just take some rodhok crossbows, lots of them. Sure i will see what i can do, when i will find a fix i will upload a micro patch will be soon thanks for the report! Join the community today totally free – or sign in with your social account on the right and join in the conversation. It will not be as good as a balanced shortened military scythe in close range melee, it does not have a quarterstaff’s speed, it cannot do a lance’s job, and it does have the pike’s range.

When a Khergit loses its horse, it dies.

Khergit Elite Armor image – Kingdom mod for Mount & Blade: Warband – Mod DB

The problem is that with Khergits, you lose. JalSheyII JalSheyII 9 years ago 4 Whats good about huscarls is that they have throwing axes, and that alone could kill half of those charging at you, provided they have little armor.

Maybe more and they’ll be gone for good.