Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Thus “srb” denotes the spring of river Una, where the village lies. Across its territory or along its boundary. Some go as far as to say that it can be dismissed in its entirety, but that is not a majority opinion, rather, it is thought to have given us a unique insight into the whole era from the point of view of the indigenous Slavic population and it is still a topic of discussion. During this very long period parts of Croatian soil were dominated by Venetians, Italy in the first half of the 20th century , the Ottoman Empire and the Habsburgs. A Slaveni se javljaju na samom kraju, na prijelazu iz 6. There are some conjectures that several noble families in Poland like Paluk’s are descendants of White Croats, as well as the family of Rozomberk which seems to be related to the town of Ruzomberok in Slovakia.

ljetopis popa dukljanina pdf

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ljetopis popa dukljanina pdf

Until that time the territory of Montenegro was a part of Red Croatia. See [ Mardesic ], p. The Latin text was probably the work of Grgur Gregorybishop of Bar from to c. Walter de Gruyter According to the Popw, the norms regarding these ecclesiastical and statal issues were all contained in liber Methodius.

God have mercy upon her soul.


Only Slovenia, situated to the west of Croatia, was relatively safe from the threat of Orthodox Christians and Islam. The next important ques- tion to be dulljanina is: Spas near Cetina river, built in the 9th century.


ljetopis popa dukljanina pdf

And in Slovenian language, the same would be Slovensko – Slovaski slovar! But many names in the telephone book correspond to a family. Hart also claims that “crews of the Venetian ships were freemen, so many of them Slavonians Croatians from the Dalmatian coast that the long quay by St. Horvarth, Horvat, Horvath All of them are variations of the standard Croatian ljetopix that we use today: Bornaisprva, nosi naziv kneza Guduskana.

Croatia – historical and

The section of The Life of St. She brought peace to the Kingdom. These claims about a unified kingdom are probably a reflection of the earlier glory of the Moravian kingdom.

Starohrvatska prosvjeta in Croatian. Its position corresponded to contemporary Spittelberg near the Hofburg palace.

After 15 years of study he prepared a huge map of Europe 3. Hart in his book “Venetian Adventurer Marco Polo” Ljetoppis, states that Marco Polo was a “descendant of pops old Dalmatian family which had come from Sibenik, Dalmatia, and settled in Venice in the 11th century”.

Compare with the villages of Srbani near Pulaand Srbinjakboth in Istria, which clearly have nothing to do with the Serbian name.

ljetopis popa dukljanina pdf

It is interesting to add that according to some American documents from the beginning of this century there were aboutimmigrants to the USA born around Krakow Poland who declared themselves to be Bielo-Chorvats ljetoois, i. He conquered the land of pharaohs, thus extending the Empire of Fatimids from the shores of the Atlantic to the river Nile.


Letopis’ Popa Dukljanina, 1

Imenski prostori Stranica Razgovor. Pogledajte Uvjete uporabe za detalje. The Bulgarian tsar Simeon soon tried to spread his reign to Croatia, but Tomislav defeated him in Its translation into Old English has been made by King Alfred Starting from the fact that mutilation punishments in the Ecloga were most probably replaced by ecclesiastical penances in the Zakon Sudnyj Ljudem under the influence of the Latin Church at a certain location where Byzantine missions reached their westernmost point, it is possible to share the opinion of some scholars that the most likely location was Lower Pannonia itself, where Methodius came from Rome around Various inaccurate or simply wrong claims in the text make it an unreliable source.

Trpimir invited the Benedictinesknown as great promoters of education and economy.

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In the last years of the twelfth century this work was expanded by the addition of several chapters and translated into Latin.

Odatle broj pet i boje. However, it preserves unique information on the early history of the Southern Slavs, much of which is corroborated or complemented by independent Byzantine sources for example the De Administrando Imperio or the Synopsis Historion of John Skylitzes. The Legend of Basil the Bulgar-Slayer.