This record goes pretty deep, but is also just a damn pleasurable listen that you can enjoy while going about your day. This is a very worthwhile offering in the vast discography of one of my favorite jazz pianists and composers, so do give it a listen. But Halloween is upon us, and it’s a soundtrack for an iconic if not particularly great horror film, so let’s celebrate! If you’ve been following this blog for a while you should know better than to believe such silver-tongued assurances. Wilson, A Bushe Piano – P. But none of these musical ad hominem observations really matter too much, because she was indeed the most visible proponent and advocate for this type of music, and hence an inspiration to many less famous singers and duos to keep going.

marchinhas carnaval pinduca

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In fact, in spite of the fact that I started with a not-quite-perfect copy although in better shape than the cover would indicatethe sound is pretty solid. Instead, they come off as a bit like karaoke backing tracks.


Please post your writing sample in the comments section, along with a CV, three professional references, caenaval a statement of your goals and theoretical contribution to the discipline. Scream out loud price tag cover free download.

I hope you enjoy it, and with any luck I’ll make more of these.

marchinuas Jim Peterman, a colleague from his Steve Miller days, provides some organ on a few tracks. If they can make me actually enjoy the song “Takin’ It To The Streets,” then they’ve got something good going on. Those records were like bridges between people and ideas and time periods, gateway drugs to worlds of undiscovered music.

Drummer Ray Lucas is one of those guys who probably never got his due recognition.


He remembered David Byrne as a painfully shy man, but sweet and eager to learn. Not Too Young With Nevermind. It wouldn’t be unrealistic to speculate that Ed Marchinhaz paid the bills that way at least some of the time.

Here was a guy who played guitar like Santana, danced like James Brown, and dressed like Liberace. A central figure in the early bossa nova scene, she succumbed to the occupational hazards of the bohemian lifestyle, dying in her sleep from a heart attack at 29 years old after an evening of music, drinking, and barbiturates.

marchinhas carnaval pinduca

I will leave it for another post to say more about my slowly gestating interest in calypso and soca music. He had apparently seen the light.

marchinhas carnaval pinduca

He continues to record, perform, and write. The garish cover art, with a creepy eyeball thing glaring out at you, acts like a sort of magnet.

Turns out he was out there, trying to find carnavwl parking spot.

Caipirinha Appreciation Society

But then I remembered that the drum beat from Engenho Novo was sampled by Racionais MC’s and decided it was okay to post this collection at Flabbergasted Vibes after all It was one of those situations where he announced the show a week before the date and tickets sold out within minutes. This post is just what it says on the tin. They’ll swing from the soundscapes called up from terrifying bad-trip psychedelia, then switch suddenly to a galloping jazz-funk jam that offers a way out of the dream, or a jaunty prog workout in an off-kilter time signature, anthems of chase or pursuit depending on your luck or misfortune, or perhaps some gentle acoustic guitar or mellow saxophone to lull you into a temporary state of relaxation.

Her charm is so infectious, and her talent so seemingly effortless. There are no topical song selections here.

No leaving, no readmission. They did record it as a 78 single, which appears in this collection, so here’s an awesome still image and you can just play the CD and look at it: For that kind of detail, you probably want to look for the collection by the Revivendo label or else the 6-CD boxset released by Copacabana Discos that spans The other two covers are better, especially The Manhattans “Shining Star”, which really makes you want to sing along hey the mic is wide open, go for it!


Levin lays down the lower register funk, freeing up Mraz to do more textured and melodic things in the upper register. I really should not add to my trail of broken promises on this blog, but I intend to share some more of this fun music.

marchinhas carnaval pinduca

The album, co-produced with George Clinton, is so funky you can smell it through the dust jacket. Ed Watson and His Brass Circle.

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This was guy was so nonchalantly on the cutting edge of his musical times, he was the definition of “cool. That’s not to pindica that it was a reaction to critics: Schifrin’s film and TV pinduda are known for frequently dropping some heavy jazz, funk, or Latin grooves in the midst of more orchestrated pieces. Although it may be difficult to immerse yourself in the details if you’re jumping in at Volume 10, it’s not exactly Swann’s Way, so I think you will be alright.