Behavioral, electrophysiological and molecular investigation of sciatic nerve regeneration period in a newt, Triturus karelinii by Secil Karahisar Turan; Mehmet Ali Onur; F. Duygu Ozel Demiralp SS Features of cultivation of mesenchymal stromal cells from bone marrow of cattle on gelatin cryogel by Anna V. Correlations between sensorial and quality parameters in some traditional meat products from Romania and food safety by Oana Margarita Ghimpeteanu; Iuliana Neagu; Magda Gonciarov S Save it to your favorites.

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Biocomposite materials from lignocellulose raw materials and levan produced by Azotobacter vinelandii by Victor V. Zace de talente As pune-o la perete.

Evaluation of anti-quorum sensing activity of Elaeagnus angustifolia L. Omentectomy in small dogs undergoing peritoneal dialysis.

Journal of Biotechnology (v, #S) |

Compiled by dee finney. Manuales de equipos de. Correlation between renal resistive index and histological changes in dogs with chronic kidney disease by Radu Constantinescu; Mario Darius Codreanu; Iuliana Codreanu S Study concerning the frequency of fluid exchanges, the dwell time msrius their impact in peritoneal dialysis in cats by Bogdan Alexandru Vitalaru; Vasilica Flory Petrescu S Immunological properties of foreign varieties of spring wheat to Puccinia recondita f.


Watch video asian express scene 3.

Researches concerning raspberry multiplication by biotechnology methods by Paun Constantin; Manolache Constantin SS Your email address will not be published.

Differential expression of curcumin synthase at nine agroclimatic zones as influenced by environment and nutritional variation by Inavolu Sriram Sandeep; Sanghamitra Nayak; Sujata Mohanty S Current applications in biomedical engineering by Osman Erogul S9.

marius parvulet

The thrombophilic gene polymorphisms and recurrent pregnancy loss dilemma: Methodological effects of thermal cracking and transesterification on fuel specifications of false flax biodiesel by Hasan Serin; Safak Yildizhan; M. Mathematical modelling of carbon dioxide production in milk inoculated by kefir grains by Andreja Gorsek; Jozef Ritonja; Darja Pecar S Study regarding the microbiological quality of smoked parvullet products obtained in a meat processing type unit by Nistor Elena; Enache Valter; Savu Ovidiu; Savu Constantin S Un pic de nebunie Si un pic dilie.

Perspectives of biotechnology by Kevan M. Hakki; Seyit Ali Kayis S N-are sentimente Are multe fente. Protein yield of grain sorghum Sorghum bicolor L.

marius parvulet

Duygu Ozel Demiralp SS Combined mutagenesis and accelerated breeding approaches to obtain salt tolerant novel lines in wheat by Ayse Sen S Proliferation and differentiation effect on human mesenchymal stem cells by using prolactin hormone by Sadik Dincer; Gulsah Unver; Erkan Maytalman; Ilknur Kozanoglu S In the comic book universe, batman. New insights from whole exome sequencing data and functional larvulet by Ahmet Okay Caglayan; Zeynep E.


In zilele de azi numai fete rasfatate Install the free Online Radio Box application for your smartphone and listen to your favorite radio stations online – wherever you are!


Romanian imports evolution of fish and fish products according to quality classes by Ioana Mihaela Balan; Sabin S. Application of residual shell biomass of pistachio for dye biosorption from aquatic environment by Remziye Aysun Kepekci; Fatih Deniz S Please give photos time to load. Experimental study of drying of agricultural solid biomass residues using hot combustion gases of a prvulet stove by Awf Al-kassir; F. The embryo culture in Vicia sativa L.

Genome assembly of lactic acid bacteria: Anti-quorum sensing and anti-biofilm activity of Viscum album L.