IMFkinO, they destroyed my favorite hero by destorying this hack. Yeah,, to be a meepo master, U don’t need this program.. Use your real control, lame soft, please remove it. Extract it using WinRAR to any folder. Practice like what they did and dont rely on programs like this. Don’t be stupid, use your own hand bastards. Get Updates via Email!


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Press your assigned hotkey to poof. Thats the biggest letdown of them all. You won’t improve if you keep depending on softwares like this. It allows you to cast Poof to your clones in just 1 click.


For my own opinion making this kinds of program doesn’t make you a better player. Remember that Geomancer still has his Bind to use, which this tool doesn’t cover. If you really want to master meepo. I always failed to play meepo. Soon enough, they’ll like him enough to try him out without the tool.

Meepo Bot v1.0

And they are also Filipino. What do you mean tournaments or leagues dont approve the use of this program?! Yeah, to be a meepo master, U don’t need this program. Use your meepobkt control, lame soft, please remove it.



I really dont approve of this kinda of things. Ggomancer shounl add 1skill to him exp: Don’t be stupid, use your own hand bastards. Dont use cheats cause that wont make you master meepo it just make you a cheater. I don’t need this bro. And Meepo has been in the game for a meepobor time and i’ve seen alot of player use Meepo and they own even before this.

I know about tab button but when 1 meepo about to die, how do you tell it to run while other meepos net the enemy?

I never pick geomancer anyways this sucks it only works on certain resolutions. But still, allow newbies to have a little gratification using Meepo with this tool. I totally agree with your point of playing with your own skills but dont you think that this will make players playing with meepo and other heroes in meepobt same way?? Practice and playing alot is still the best key to improving your skills.

[Release] MeepoBot v4 by Tracky

Practice like what they did and dont rely on programs like this. I suppose all that are saying that this is only for noobs apparently don’t appreciate the hardwork of the guy who programmed this. Extract it using WinRAR to any folder.



Are this tool use for poof only? As it is, I’m a lot better without the script because I can mass poofs while ensuring that the focused meepo is running away not poofing around — another skill that medpobot practice. All that I found were about what skill to be leveled up and how to puff, but none are about meepo microing.

MeepoBot is helpful for those players who don’t like to play Meepo because it is hard to control him. I don’t need 3rd party tools like this lol. I would appreciate if anybody can help me.

Hacks: The Helping Hand: Warcraft 3 [Dota] Meepo Bot

It’s fast for download. Of course it cant be used in tourneys. A script like that will help my game. Only poofing to the main meepo?