What demons have you had to face and how have they affected your music? Mic does exactly that. Email required Address never made public. People who have been to France have told me how hardcore freestyle rap and cyphers can get. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

mic righteous kampain album

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mic righteous kampain album

Around the time I was 13, being between foster homes and staying with family, my writings really started to reflect the situations and environments I was in. But the day that my brother Vahid was released from prison he came out with a C.

I knew the crowd were Tech fans so I told them fuck the beat I will just go out and spit some lyrics.

Mixtape Monday: Yob Culture – Mic Righteous | Critical or Acclaimed

Without the presence of the subtle, yet no less exceptional production from Preston Play, Try My Best may well of fallen foul to some of the lazy accusations of unoriginality that have been levelled at the track. Adding different characters rather than focusing on just one like Stan, adds a level of complexity and depth not found on Stan. To be honest I think this has changed dramatically over rightwous past 2 years. I have been witness to its development into arguably the most popular genre of music in both the mainstream and underground.


We were told that there was an opportunity that I could get a few minutes on stage opening for Tech if I could get to the venue on time. About True Laurels What up! The overarching aim of the fourth verse for Mic is to humanise himself, and remind listeners that he cannot solve all their problems he has his own problems he must rightepus with.

But ironically, this will only further endear him to his fans as rather than appearing on some sort of pedestal like the majority of celebrities; allowing himself to appear this vulnerable will only make fans love him even more.

Mic Righteous | Lyrics | UndergroundHH

I was passionate about music and learnt how to deliver this through lyrics. Where does it come from? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: You are commenting using your WordPress. Do you feel that it is righyeous duty to uplift people with your music?

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. So as fans, we ought to be sensitive to the fact that he has to make money somehow. All in all this is kmapain incredible track from start to finish. Kapain is a year-old that hails from Margate, Kent in the UK.

As far as what I learnt that day, it was to take every opportunity like it will be your last.


My interview with Mic. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Ironically, by reading up and listening to Hip Hop on a global scale, I find that rap music and culture is closer to its roots in other parts of the world.

Mixtape Monday: Yob Culture – Mic Righteous

Twitter did not respond. Yob Culture Posted on October 25, 5 comments. Find us on Facebook. What demons have you had to face and how have they affected your music?

mic righteous kampain album

This site uses cookies. Uk hip hop is in a stronger position now than what it miic has been. S scene as there was for decades. This moment catapulted Mic into the spotlight beyond that of the UK music scene and was the catalyst that led me to exploring his aforementioned superb body of work.

mic righteous kampain album

An emcee that is refreshing that I came across recently is Mic Righteous. Before the UK scene was so strong we looked to the U. Really I listened to mainly U. Some fans felt that this was righteoud departure by Mic from what they had come to know and expect from him.