Five hundred pounds of gleeful man-baby stood at the edge of the revolving mass of primitive human rage, shoving smaller subversives into the reckless whirl as though he was testing the tensile strength of a metal-barred civil suit liability in the center of an elementary school’s playground. Eventually, a new edition with drum samples recorded by Hannes Grossmann was created. This review was originally written for http: The vocals are still the same deep Necrophagist growls that I look forward to in most all death metal releases. But the few that do stand out, such as Seven, are truly amazing.

necrophagist epitaph full album

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Necrophagist – Wikipedia

With different singing vocal they could be easily put to power metal category. However, with everything, you gotta take the bad with the good, because overall, this album just seems to kick technical ass all over the place.

There’s tiny room for improvement as far as songwriting is concerned, which is why Decapitated and Nile maintain god status unchecked and in the clear.

Here Necrophagist allows itself to tap into each rhythm and ride it for longer than is expected in a style as frenetic as technical death metal.

necrophagist epitaph full album

On top of this, there’s just no sense of Necrophagist are yet to learn this rule, and their playing is lacking because of it. The Stillborn One The new recruits have risen to Suicmez’s challenge, strengthening rather than stifling creativity. I found myself tapping my foot to the beat many times during this album, so they are definitely doing something right with it.

In fact, the most enjoyable times are where he just gives up all ideas of being a band and plays solos, because they are downright impressive when necropjagist don’t sound exactly the same; unfortunately a heap of them do. Speaking of which, Only Ash Remains, to me, is hands down the best song on this album followed by the tittle track.


Most of them are just so fucking similar!

A common element of this album is that whichever guitar takes on the rhythm is loudly playing to the strengths of keeping the song flowing well without tackling the more apparent challenges necropphagist past songs displayed. Cull from the soloing, leads, and vocals, the album version of this repetitious song never managed to punch my heart into submission.

This is trademark territory for the band’s main man Muhammed Suicmez, but opting for a non-silicon-based drummer is not the only significant and positive change.

But seriously, it was one of my first impressions when I heard Epitaph. Death release should be.


I don’t quite get all the hatred for this album. Which isn’t really a bad thing since vocals aren’t really focused epitapph much, they are more there to help remind us that this is a death metal band.

I give it a B- it’s good, but unmistakably broken at the same time.

necrophagist epitaph full album

The bass parts are no less challenging for an aspiring player as any other instrument on this release, and they are just as fitting for it as the other instruments.

The band also returned to perform in the yearsand Not only necrophagsit, but some of them are just plain awesome in my opinion for example; “One wishes existence to be of fulfillment, but leaves bend to the will of winds blowing”, from the title track. Very percussive and straight rhythmic but with those little fills and cuts that make it sound more progressive and virtuoso. Necrophagist are undisputedly one of the largest if not the largest technical death metal bands in the world, and this is mostly due to this album and it’s influence on technical death metal.


I guess I wouldn’t recommend this to people who dislike crystal clear production or don’t like overtly wanky music as necrophagjst as I like this album, it is indeed undeniably wanky. I will openly admit that I am not anything like Mohammed Suicmez necropagist guitar, or any eptaph his compatriots at anything else.

Epitaph (Necrophagist album) – Wikipedia

Most of the score I’m giving this album comes from pretty much the solos and the odd piece of interesting drumming that comes through, despite its miserable sound.

This is also a good time to note how they use melody without sounding like a shitty melodeath band: Unfortunately, I still have some gripes about this disc. Epitaoh good descriptions would be Sonata Arctica with downtuned guitars, or possibly Nightwish with Chris Mecrophagist fronting.

necrophagist epitaph full album

Which is barely any different; and then the next track, and the next track and on and on and on Diminished To B However, as increasingly enticing as Epitxph had grown by this album, there’s enough material here which thrives off familiarity that I just never felt quite so impressed as the first time, and it’s really only an album I break out alongside other bands like Cytotoxin, Beyond Creation or Arsis when I’m interested in hearing style over substance.

But I certainly thought the mix here made the snares and kicks stronger.