On this record, Janus seems to have an incredible knack for remaining consistent with their sound while providing enough variation and contrast to keep the album interesting. About half of the record is in Drop A. What are some techniques you used to illustrate the metaphor of the title? Studio time is really expensive [laughs], and we kind of just get in there and bang it out. Microwave Death is a Warm Blanket. CasinoColumbus March 30th Comments.

nox aeris janus

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I was also very much into The Misfits and the whole skating scene. I feel like I must take a moment to mention one member here in particular that absolutely dazzles; vocalist David Scotney. FrFRfr March 25th Comments. Its definitely out there, and I cannot recommend it enough No matter what the case may be, the band proves that they simply cannot fail; each and every song on here not only asks for, but grabs you by the collar and DEMANDS your attention.

nox aeris janus

Studio time is really expensive [laughs], and we kind of just get in there and bang it out. Based on the story behind the album title, Nox Aerisone can assume it is a concept album.

Janus Go for Deep Concept on ‘Nox Aeris’

Earlier albums are on spotify tho so why not. FrFRfr March 26th Comments. So far, so good! We usually do all of our own production with a few other guys that help out. On 17 Music Lists. Red Right Return had some goodies on it.


We use Drop C, and the newer tuning we use is Drop A. About half of the record is in Drop A.

Interview: Guitarist Mike Tyranski of Janus Discusses New Album, ‘Nox Aeris’ | Guitarworld

We kind of revisited them on this album, and a couple of them actually made the cut [laughs]. For more info, visit Janus’ official website and Facebook page. We ended up tracking the record with it and are touring with it right now.

There are a lot of different things we did on this record versus Red Right Return. Login Create a Profile. Hundred Suns The Prestaliis.

nox aeris janus

aeros Living in Chicago, this group of local hard rock natives has always bounced around in the underground heavy music scene; but for what seemed like forever and a day, I made the conscious decision not to listen to them.

When I was asked to join this band, I was actually still playing bass, so I switched back over to guitar.

Interview: Guitarist Mike Tyranski of Janus Discusses New Album, ‘Nox Aeris’

We try nix to mess around too much. So I anxiously twiddled my thumbs and anticipated the follow-up record with bated breath. Thanks for introducing me to this awesome band!


You have to be logged in to post a comment. When writing Nox Aeris, Janus thought this was noxx apt metaphor for their own journey, preconceived notions of their own being flipped around as they became a bigger, more established band since the release of ‘s Red Right Return.

nox aeris janus

What can we expect from Janus after this spring tour with Chevelle? Gorilla Biscuits, Snapcase — stuff like that. Damn I didn’t know this band had a new album. Do you guys have any official music videos planned for the near future? It was very refreshing, and I got a lot of good ideas from that — different tempos, rhythms, and even literal sounds that we were able to wrap up in the rock music that we do.

Janus – Nox Aeris (album review ) | Sputnikmusic

They are just shots of us in our rehearsal space, just playing. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. Or Page Hamilton from Helmet.