Venkataramanji, Interesting point you have made about the big time lag between the original and its adaptations. He was discovered by G V Iyer, standing in a bus queue in Bangalore. Actually the net could be cast much wider. Before the arrival of linguistic states, there were lot of migrations and many multilingual people. A lot of Hindi film songs have been adapted in Greek and other world languages. Kiran on Forgotten Composers Unforgettable Melodies 9:

ondagi balu kannada mp3 songs

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Is there a similarity between this Dr Raj number https: The lullaby in Minoo, Asha Bhonsle, Antara….

Cheluvinali saati illa, Ondhaagi baalu – Lyrics and Music by SPB arranged by shivraj | Smule

In addition to increasing my knowledge of the Kannada film industry, you have also made me feel very nostalgic — I have seen a few of the films you have mentioned in your write up Naagara haavu, Geetha, Apoorva Sangama … Thank you for that trip down memory lane.

Does anyone know where I can kahnada hindi songs with similar tunes? My phone number is Ravi and Asha Bhosle: Roshan also did copy. I believe In West Indies too we find some similar songs. In our school,college and social circles all three language people were there,so I got to learn Telugu and Kannada,in addition to Marathi,Hindi,English and Urdu.


Salilda used this song in a lecture to demonstrate his use of chord progression. And the Tamil version. The songs composed by Rajan-Nagendra were huge hits. Those who are interested, I have a list of those songs.

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Rowdy Rani Bangaru Kutumbam C. Samshaya Phala Dooradinda bandanthaa sundranga jana L.

Revitalising bond with Ravi. One reason could be your long absences from SoY.

ondagi balu kannada mp3 songs

Rao seems to be Malayali who grew up in Bombay. Some of them — https: Arunji, My spoken Kannada has become rather rusty due to lack of use, but oh, naanu haleya chitragalannu mathu sangeethada nimma njyana namaskarisuthene! The arrangement for all three songs varies and is quite interesting.

ondagi balu kannada mp3 songs

Subodh ji, Thanks for your comments. It seems many first film directors were Indian, including one B. And here is a query.

Ondagi Balu kannada mp3 songs free 1 on net musiq group –

Arunji, Karthik, Thanks a lot for the clarification. But his wifes were Tamil and descendents more associated with Tamil cinema. I have come across similar articles regarding Egypt. While I was still struggling if I knew anyone who could write about Kannada, out of the blue, Arunji made an offer to write on similar songs in Hindi and Kannada.


In the 50s he had 8 films made with him in the lead. Ashwath Narayan Written by M. Signs of old age. Apparently, his sisters were married to Telugus and he came to Tenali at the age of 13learnt Telugu and died at the age of 31 of poverty and ill health. Later it was remade in Hindi by the same director starring Mithun Chakraborty.

ondagi balu kannada mp3 songs

Baul for this reason, there are many, in fact too many musical tunes in Kannada films which are copied from Hindi films. Ratnagiri Rahasya Amara madhura Prema, nee baa baaro chanda maamaa P.