Installation, Administration, and Performance. SDL developed the original version of the Oracle software. In addition to storage, the database consists of online redo logs or logs , which hold transactional history. The support site provides users of Oracle Corporation products with a repository of reported problems, diagnostic scripts and solutions. Retrieved 2 August Administration Query optimization Replication.

oracle 10g2

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Data blocks form the basic units of data storage.

Step By Step Configuring Oracle 10gR2 ( 3-Nodes RAC to Single Dataguard

Views Read Edit View history. Oracle products are currently licensed using two different licensing models: Oracle 10g Tablespace Enhancements “, author Jim Czuprynski notes some common disk sorting problems: Native compilation provides a speed increase ranging from two to ten times the speed of the bytecode interpretation.

oracle 10g2

Oracle technology is changing and we strive to update our BC Oracle support information. Oracle10gRw introduced a new sort algorithm which is using less memory and CPU resources [9],[10].

In Oracle 10g, disk sort reliability was also improved by using temporary tablespace groups. The information in the SGA consists of the following elements, each of which has a fixed size, established at instance startup:.


Retrieved 24 November Oracle Database Concepts 11g Release 1 February Exadata April Linux and other platforms June cloud August most recent patch set [17].

The paper also suggests that the new sorting helps with disk sort speed, but this may be due to the in-memory sort being faster before the sort spills out into the TEMP tablespace for a disk sort. Older version, yet still supported: NLS is actually a subset of globalization support.

Data in a datafile is read, as needed, during normal database operation and stored in 10gg2 memory cache of Oracle Database. Parallel Query Execution Servers [ The SID automatically defaults to the database name portion of the global database name sales in the example sales.

The master process DMnn creates the worker process.

How To Create Spool File In Oracle 10g

The data captured provides an overview of the Oracle Database oraclw intended for diagnostic and trouble-shooting. Oracle Corporation provides database developers with tools and mechanisms for producing internationalized database applications: An instance—identified persistently by an instantiation number or activation id: The Program Global Area [97] [98] or PGA memory-area of an Oracle instance contains data and control-information for Oracle’s server-processes or background process.

Oracle’s OPatch provides patch management for Oracle databases.

oracle 10g2

Thanks you for the answer! Retrieved 26 110g2 This article needs to be updated. Automatic Storage Management ASM is a logical volume manager that takes physical disk partitions and manages their contents [ NET data access to the Oracle database.


python – cx_Oracle does not work with Oracle database 10gR2 – Stack Overflow

Archived oracls the original on 15 May Retrieved 13 Pracle Archived from the original on 16 March The support site provides users of Oracle Corporation products with a repository of reported problems, diagnostic scripts and solutions.

Retrieved 17 February Since they are primarily used as sort work areas, when there are insufficient resources for sorting a result set directly in memory, it is not uncommon for a database to run out of space in a temporary tablespace at the most inopportune moments.

Oracle states that “The new sort algorithm shows more performance improvement for in-memory sorts. Various file-system structures hold logs and trace files, which record different aspects of database activity.