Horse Racing Manager 2. Watch the video to double your reward after the race. Also, see — Best time-management games for Android. Mud skill determines the horse performance on mud surface. To get new horses, you need to breed horses. Session Skateboarding Sim Game. You will get the baby horse and the baby horse will be able to race after few months[in-game timing].

pferderennsport manager 2

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If all the deals are waste, pull down your wish and look for B grade horse or save horseshoes and use later. If the website becomes a well — known one, this will a motivation push me to continue updating more free games, sharing to people.

Then tap on the heart icon at the top-left and choose breeding and breed. Racing on the favorable pferderemnsport increases the chances of ranking number 1. To win at high-league, you train your horse and improve its attributes.

pferderennsport manager 2

Your horse loses weight after racing and training. It starts with a tutorial in which you guided through several aspects of the game such as training, racing, breeding, and much more.


Also, see — Best simulation games for Android. But you must have a champion manaegr AA grade horse to defeat rivals in the race[high-league] and rank top on the leaderboard. At the beginning of the game, you have D grade horse.

Hungryholding — Pferderennsport manager crack.

Complete all the challenges and daily tasks. Subscribe UsGive your suggestions — here. Alos, see — Best Pokemon games for Android.

For breeding, you need breeding rights.

In this post, we have covered everything about this game you need to know; Horse Racing Manager guide and Horse Racing Manager cheats, tips to top the leaderboard in the race and breed a champion horse.

If not, then use horseshoes. This website uses cookies maanger personalize content and ads, to analyse traffic. You will get the maximum reward if you get the 1st rank.

pferderennsport manager 2

You get your first horse for free at the beginning of the game and win the first race. After you tap on the race button, check the info; surface, skill advantage, and furlongs. Horse Racing Manager 2.

pferderennsport manager 2

So, this is the Horse Racing Manager guide. If favorable, go to the track.

Horse Racing Manager 2018 Tips, Cheats, And Guide To Get 1st Rank

So, these are some Horse Racing Manager cheats, tips, and tricks for the beginners. You will get the baby horse after breeding and the baby horse will take months of time to get ready for the race. You need to test it on that surface to test the skill. Guide Donations for Site. You get the new horse by breeding two horses. Use English language on site to see correct password.


Horse Racing Manager 2 for Windows () – MobyGames

If not, choose a different race. If it is showing??? The attribute of a horse are: I am so happy when you connect to my website.

Tap on the train option you can train a horse once in a month. Also, see — Best war games for Android. In short, to get the best grade horse, you need best breeding right. This comment form is under antispam protection.