The feminine vocals are lovely as ever, and things soon pick up during the second half with clavichord and synthesizer taking the lead. The music is mostly classically inspired as well as being influenced by 70s progressive rock bands. The soundscapes ebb and flow from one mood to another, from mellow themes to epic themes the size of Mount Everest. Where is sanctuary from the battle that is coming into being? This album is truly remarkable.

phideaux doomsday afternoon

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The first impression was the extravagant cover and doomsday carefully mastered booklet. New album this year Other songs contained within the album are also able to pull off similar effects with excellent results. I have yet to hear anything by this artist I don’t like.

Phideaux’s music has aftwrnoon been criticised as ‘prog-by-numbers’ but when there are such captivating melodies and pleasing arrangements it’s easy to be drawn in, forget the influences that are quite noticeable throughout most of the music and just let it flow over you.

Did you diddle, did you daddle, did you run away from the scene? Transitional tracks like the creepy Doctrine Of Eternal Ice Part I and both tracks titled Crumble are prime examples of how the album can be so wickedly dynamic while staying to the constraints of a solid song-cycle concept album.

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Never have I felt I was actually trapped inside an album. Item is in your Cart.

phideaux doomsday afternoon

Do not expect a rehash of the first part, as even though the melodies and sections are mostly referenced here, they are much more laid back and dark. The epic and closing song won’t help: This concept album is best experienced when listened from A to Z, and it is acternoon very enjoyable record all the way through even if my preferences go to the great opening song “Micro Deathstar”.

Might afternooon yielded something that was still awesome but with more of “Phideaux stamp” on the project. This really ties together the music and arrangements on the whole CD as a related work. Nevermind, it’s highly enjoyable music! A Wasteland of Memories opens with a spoonful of cinematic orchestra.

phideaux doomsday afternoon

We get some strings before my favourite part of the song 8 minutes in. But never do the vocals become grating. Slowed down from its first part, the complexities of the melodies really come to the forefront. I’ll be highly surprised if you don’t get hooked, too.

When I’m looking for a Masterpiece when it comes to albums, this is what is needed. Doomsday Afternoon was totally a blind purchase based on some reviews already posted on Amazon, and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised with the disc.

There are some vocals, and unhappy ones doomsdxy that, but for the most part this is also instrumental. These re-uses of previous themes, yet modifying them to still be new, really gives the album a coherent feel while at the same time expressing changes in the story quite elegantly.


PHIDEAUX Doomsday Afternoon reviews

This song emphasizes the moog synthesizer and has a bit more punch than the other tracks. The vocals are outstanding here, but not nearly as much as the breathtaking, almost Celtic, arrangement. The phhideaux aspect of the difference is this: On subsequent listens the music tended to take on a different atmosphere, it can be uplifting or even melancholy depending on how you approach the album with a specific frame of mind.

This is an album easy to get into due to the repetition of the main themes, for me a prerequisite for great traditional prog rock. Doomsday Afternoon is one very well balanced album with probably some needless repetitions.

There’s not a single chord of this album that I don’t like. The bright organ truncates along until a chiming synth takes over. Charts Top of Top This record is impressing over and over again and never gets bored anywhere. Following then is the second Crumblethis time mostly just piano and a lovely female voice.