The story had a scope to be converted into a good movie but Jha got lost in the crowd of stars. Although a lot of credit goes to Maharishi Ved vyas the author of epic Mahabharata yet full marks to Prakash Jha to adapt it in modern political scenario. Rajneeti is a multi hued tale of Indian democracy and how elections are fought below the surface of the media reporting. There are two brothers who have established a political party. Its very disappointing for viewers like me who want some real cinema.

sitapur ka ticket scene raajneeti

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sitapur ka ticket scene raajneeti

The ever meticulous and uncanny Prakash Jha fails to leave any mark on the movie, which is a mere mishmash of weak dialogues, trite sub-slots, incongruities, and incompetency in editing and to some extent in direction. Events happen at a fast pace and the members of one political family soon became two political rival groups.

Nowadays its being a trend to release Bollywood movies in other countries but unfortunately our real talent does not scebe to reach there.

Collection of World Artists Cleavage: Shruti Seth Raajneeti Sitapur Ka Ticket Pics

While Rajneeti was fast rushing up the charts his presence in House Full had made the film a roaring hit so he cud boast of two hit films in ja same time span in the same theater.

Rajneeti can definitely serve to be a guilty pleasure to the less eclectic viewers and for those whose sole purpose is entertainment. Watch brooding Manoj Bajpai in Rajneeti and to his critics Scnee jawaab milegaa. Thus when the tide changed wid Sita;ur On he was zooming towards success in sitapug gear. Just as you think of giving upthe story comes on the track of the Mahabharata storyline and thus it then becomes easier to understand.


In fact he has to learn a lot, he is having only two facial expressions one he uses for any kind of good situation and another for any kind of bad situation. All the characters look lifeless. Katrina Kaif and acting is most invalid pairing, she can win ticet the awards for worst acting. Yatharth Chauhan 77 Reviews, 23 Followers. Jha missed yet another trick by failing to acknowledge and avow to the fact that Rajneeti was meant to be an adaptation of the Mahabharata.

In his words I would sum up my review Raajneeti should be seen to see how Indian politics looks from outside and how it exists inside. The girl gets pregnant and gives birth to a child Kunti angle. For a refresher course before the movie, type Mahabharata on wikipedia and read it.

Arjun rampal and Shruti seth hd 1080p Short scene Movie

He starts as a revolutionary and becomes a chamcha of Bajpayee. Yeah he is a hot property kq and enjoying a good fan following but that doesnt make him a great actor. In totality Raajneeti is a healthy attempt and succeeds in being the film it set out to become.

So it was a boring Sunday afternoon, there was a lot of buzz about Raajneeti around, had not seen a movie in theatres for long, good enough reason for me to hit the theatre with my completely Apolitical cousin. Eventually he had to marry Deepti during Hip Hip Hurray as she was proving too expensive for his budget and this was his make or break film. Nana Patekar also didnt have much space. I must admit I failed miserably. Thanks to a troop of actors shown in the first half an hour of the movie that could give LOC Kargil starcast a challenge in numbersyou are lost in getting to the grip of the story and characterization.


No wonder that a serious movie maker like Jha also gets influenced by these businessmen and compromises for market sake otherwise where does Katrina Kaif fits in a performance oriented movie, She can do anything but acting. An actor like Naseer has been wasted pathetically. One of the most raajnewti ensembles ever made despite the patchy hiccups in its treatment. And film is la of such ridiculous sequences.

At that moment writer was also lost in Mahabharata.

sitapur ka ticket scene raajneeti

We ourselves are spoiling our reputation with these movies and building a perception that India doesnt have real talent who can make good cinema. The Lip Shandil Reviews, 0 Followers. Elections are far off but this political drama might just capture the booth of your hearts, at least for once.

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There is no moral in the xitapur. In fact he along with Manoj Bajpai and Arjun Rampal and Katrina Kaif were the only stars who went out rajneeti their way to promote Rajneeti world-wide. Talking of Katrina Kaif the best compliment she could possibly get was that her performance evoked mixed reactions so much so that Prakash Jha as well as Katrina were hounded right upto the release of the movie wanting to know if she was playing a character inspired by the life and times of Sonia Gandhi?