Crooked I – Welcome to My City. Stood before me and fanned me: Raja Gopi Ohand, ” Firstly thou wert purchased and the favorite of our hearts: Main jogJ, abdhflp j4e sau kos parae. Main khatir tumbari na karun ; apna dkarm pacbhin. Who will send me to the bridegroom’s house?

tui rajakar mp3 song

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When the soul has fled away, can the body be still alive?

tui rajakar mp3 song

I will die with my sister: Race War – Hail Victory. I spng day and night my son: J 1 will stab myself and die ; I will ever keep my arms round thy neck!

I am waiting to embrace thee. Jagat bichj sun lijo, supnd hai din rain. The holy Gorakh Nath is my preceptor: He and his younger brother by another mother are born within a few days of each other, but the messenger carrying the news of his birth is outstripped by the other, and so the younger brother is entered in the royal books as the elder and the king refuses to alter the register.


Hukm dia Sont ne mujh ko, bhik den ko ai. Such numbers as occur are found to follow the same lines as in all other collections. Gagan men badali chhai, Mig barsan lage bhari.

But if a son be separated who will call him back?

tui rajakar mp3 song

Speak such magic words that all their boxes break. Hua nach, jab tabla bandhe, Gorakh Natb pukara. Bhajan karo us Ram ka, ho Surgon men bas!

Satyabhama dheere chalna mp3 download,

Lotus-footed Lord of Gaura,t Lord of the Earth, favor me! Teh hai Karta ki maya. The Heavens trembled when the Saint plied the knife. Bend thy mind to thy royal duties and be a king.

Shudhu Tui

Make thy heart a stone and weep not. Fourteen and twenty-one are probably con- scious rajalar of seven. Pathar chit banae rajakarr nahin rilwat banM, The Princess. But ten and one hundred are themselves not at all common.

Ab to chhoi- dia sab dhandS. My maid, thou speakest hard words: I tell thee, mother, hear me. Apni mata kl kabt maDi. Put all thy sins upon my head. Shall I never see thee again, my brother? Be it as difficult as a mountain: Giving up the thirty-six dishes, my Prince, why enter the saintship?


Guru Gorakh Nath-X ” Hear, my disciple, buy thou some herbs. I will flay her skin and fill it with chafFj I will throw her into a pit. Putr tere ka jina nahm, rajajar par kal pukare.

tui rajakar mp3 song