This is a deep track that fuses instrumentals and synths flawlessly, while telling a story that changes every time. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Don’t be fooled, this track sounds chill in its introduction, but once the glitchy synths and the rapid drums kick in they don’t let up until it’s over. Want to see more like this? Power Scheme was the first track I wrote for the album.

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Turn up the volume and put this on repeat. Building on the firm foundations dug by the likes of Marky, XRS and Patife, the Brazilian city has consistently provided us with jungle inspiration: What exactly is a Gothenburg Cluster?

Want to see more like this?

The Finnish beatmakers combine woozy synths, old-school vocal samples, jazz instrumentation, and skittering breaks on this well-rounded EP. How did the Keeno collaboration Still Breathing come about? How did you get to the point you are at in terms of engineering? We’ll send you the best stories, news, and music, direct to your inbox.

Was an album always the goal or was it something realised as your body of unreleased work developed? Cloudless EP by Urbandawn. We use MailChimp as our marketing automation platform. Tell us a bit about Sao Paolo… I love Sao Paulo, I was born and raised here and the name Urbandawn was partly inspired by the city — where you can either appreciate the wonders of a big metropolitan city and at the same time if you travel for a few miles be delighted by beautiful, natural landscapes.


When I finished the track back in Brazil, Gothenburg Cluster seemed the right title for it. Five albums deep and State Of Mind continue to level up.

Hospital Podcast 288 with London Elektricity

Rifling through the range with bold colours urbandwan vibrant brush strokes, his scope of the genre, fusion and sense of melody are all in full force as he takes us on a trip through his own personal musical psyche. It was definitely a goal from the start. Adding another string to his bow is an unorthodox title for an unorthodox track.

We chatted briefly at ADE and clouudless to talk about collaborations and Still Breathing ended up being one of the last tracks to be finished on the album. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Land Of The Blind: The fast drum stabs and the uplifting beat will no doubt have you bobbing your head. Proudly introducing the latest addition to the Hospital roster, Felipe Wrechiski otherwise known as Urbandawn. George Michelle delivers the classic sound of house across these 12 tracks, every one of them joyous and exuberant.

‎Cloudless – EP by Urbandawn on Apple Music

This is a deep track that fuses instrumentals and krbandawn flawlessly, while telling a story that changes every time. This year Hospital Records announced an unexpected addition to their roster, Brazilian-born Urbandawn. Time Will Tell by Infest. Streaming and Download help. Under Your Sheets If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.


Cloudless – Urbandawn & Elsa Esmeralda | Shazam

Each song is so complex, this almost feels like a concept album when listened to in full. If you were pushed to pick a favourite cloudlexs would it be and why? When I was touring around the UK last year, I did a two day trip to Gothenburg to see what it was all about. Sign up to our newsletter for more information, news and exclusive offers.

Cloudless EP

After a year of hard work and way too much coffee, my album is finally done. Yazz Ahmed guests and we urbandasn “The Music of” tribute to French musical legends. The title track cloudlses a brilliant combination of soft vocals, vibrant drums and a melody that’s packed with emotion. I was fortunate enough to work and learn with some of the best engineers around, guys who devoted their lives to it for more than 30 years.