Go slow, be careful and methodical, test to make sure everything’s working right, and have fun. Convert an existing 3. Setting up the Governor on your mini VBar. After payment has been received, updates will be enabled automatically for the serial number s in question. You can log in to www. New SSM element where used with a higher precission and better noise reduction. Posted by Ryan Vlogs on September 3, at

vstabi software

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vstabi software

The Corporate Machine V1. If you stay on this page, you agree to ssoftware Cookie Policy. Click ‘Applications’ there, and you will be forwarded to the App Store with the serial number of your device.

Thank you I have made some changes to that post. Download, installation, registration, online update, recovery procedure Online update and. So after looking for these files too i was not successful so i want to share my findings.



If you are not comfortable editing computer configuration files, either don’t softwware this or get some help. Once i do i will post a more permanent link but for now this will get vtabi started and out there for others. Last Post By Tweedle 4 replies The update costs EUR Vstabi Neo More info will come. Change the value of register to the value you want. The Mini KBar with V 5.

vstabi software

Small Transmitting Loop Antennas. Kbar driver download link driver installation add in device manager: I can’t download any other versions of the software anywhere, can.

You’re in preview mode. Please connect the sensor as well, even not shown in the video, this is mandatory that VBar accepts settings from the PC! New SSM element where used with a higher precission and better noise reduction.

Flybarless systems

Rx Wiring if using Spektrum Sattelites. Just follow these instructions carefully.

You can also one-click register your device there. Doublechecking of effective directions. This the Vstabi which uses an aluminium sensor block and was the first batch which came under the flag of Vstagi helicopters. Download kbar for free.


Only for users of universal presets. Posted by Austin James Softwarf on June 15, at 4: Convert an existing 3. The Vstabi V4 was the introduction of the black sensor case. I know I know i should.

Vstabi 5.3 manual

Rx Wiring with Single Channels. Last reply by Slim Aug With the updates, you can fly all model type with gyro stabilization VBar and VPlane also without, as per your setup.

Mother fuckers always say im fucking crazy. Get the signal from the bottom pin of RXA. To connect a servo that uses the extra channel: