Key Line 3, DR: View Name Description Page 1. The phone can be connected manually to a GPS internal or external by using the command in the Activity menu see section 7. This in turn means that the current to the battery will not be constant enough for the EoC state ever to be reached. Logfile recording can also be automated, using a variety of trigger conditions.

w995 tems pocket

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SONY Ericsson w995 tems pocket test device ,support wcdma850/1900/2100 MHZ

GSM serving cell Lines 6—8: In TEMS Pocket the length of the pre-guard cannot be customized; the exact period of time spanned by the message buffering depends on the amount of signaling that has occurred. Hot Promotions in tems pocket: Maximum requested transport block size in bits corresponding to maximum CQI. Some phone messages are modified or removed in order not to disturb the inspection of TEMS Pocket data views.

Path describing the location of the file to get on the FTP server. If you select an event category, or all events, a third fems appears which is named Default. RxQual Bar length is constant.


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You can insert filemarks in a logfile during recording; see section 7. Clearing the Event Log. Clearing the Event Log A maximum of events can be stored in the event log.

A zip archive is now created holding: Viewing the Event Log. The Pocket Menu Remote directory: Map View and Pinpointing. Message buffering is furthermore associated with automatic logfile recording only. Other Data View Actions In some data views you can perform an action relating to a piece of data shown in the view.

Original Wa TEMS Pocket phone – Lte Test Base Shopping mall

Refer to section 8. The rules for the graphic presentation are found in appendix B, page Intra-frequency measurement quantity from System Information Block 11, e.

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w995 tems pocket

After importing FTP settings, you should verify that all data accounts referred to in the FTP server configurations are in fact defined in the phone.

Percentage of LLC uplink data blocks retransmitted Line 4, left: The Normal tab shows all normal events. Transport channels, downlink Line 5, UR: Yes Lines 3—8 These lines show the configuration of up to 6 transport channels: Choice of Phone Charger.


The phone can be connected manually to a GPS internal or external by using the command in the Activity menu see section 7. Skip to W9995 3 below. If you have not changed anything from the default, the Reset control settings choice is disabled and grayed. Set the zoom level as appropriate. They are collected in category 5.

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Regarding interplay between locking functions, see section 8. Event name Event time and ppocket To inspect the full details of an event, select it and press View.

w995 tems pocket

The T column indicates whether the event denotes a normal occurrence N or some kind of failure F.