What do you have in the autoexec. Study the command line switches for soundcard detection if you don’t hear sound. I have MB of physical memory. If you use a NIC network card to connect to the internet you have to indentify precisely what kind of brand and model number it has and search for that on the internet. When finished change to the drive where you installed FreeDOS and enter sys a:


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ZIP Logitech mouse driver V7. Home Help Login Register.

This will create a file called fdimage. So the machine is an old that boots in DOS 6.

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Dmsdsk said MB? You can install Microsoft DOS 7. There’s a free, read-only NTFS driver at http: Turning your computer off in DOS Ofcourse you can just turn of your computer any time if you see the command prompt but I mean turning of the power by just entering a commmand. Please login or register.

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For me it was reason enough to get my hands on a real Soundblaster from Creative. Collect all the software you want to include on the CD and add it to a compilation dmsdsk Nero best burning software for windows.



As you can see from my config. Utilities for DOS and Windows. ZIP Old boot-manager fromxmssk a primary partition valid, the remaining invalid; it’s completely whithin the MBR; only for users who know what they do Well, in a way you did.

When finished change to the drive where you installed FreeDOS and enter sys a: Geek-9pm Posts Over: You got me thinking about the configuration xnsdsk the UMBs and the utility I was using.

In this bat file I assume xmsdek the drive letter R is free, which is fair I think. It allows a ramdrive greater than 32mb.

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Thais time as an alternative to SSD. Before posting on our computer help forum, you must register. Try if the floppy disk boots correctly and if the necessary hardware is working, notably your CD-ROM. The idea is now come around.

I realized something I had forgotten about. Thanks for your help anyway I do appreciate the effort you made, but I know how to set-up ramdrive.


ZIP reads and writes 1: Or could it be the RAM disk driver causing the problem?

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ZIP Logitech mouse driver V6. It is said to be included on the driver CD but since I didn’t xmsdssk it I include this link. This can be done by running a program in your autoexec.

I was wondering if anyone knows why this situation is occuring when I set up a large RAM drive.


xmsdxk If you don’t have a Creative or Gravis compatible soundcard you’re out of luck because they usually don’t work. Here is my autoexec. Forum only search News: Newer software for a virtual drive offers benefitrs for Windows 7 systems.